You are currently viewing Kuros Construction: fast-tracked automation of Attendance and Payroll

Kuros Construction: fast-tracked automation of Attendance and Payroll

Kuros Construction: fast-tracked automation of Attendance and Payroll

Ursula, created back in 2019, is a web application designed to help in the management of attendance, payroll, and HR. In May 2019 Jessen Arnachellum who is the HR manager at Kuros Construction Solutions reached out to Ursula Team because his first goal was to digitalize the attendance and payroll process. Kuros Construction Solutions  have around 600 employees and 10 construction sites.

“After my appointment at Kuros Construction Solutions Ltd in June 2019, my first objective was to implement a payroll system as soon as possible. During the same month, we opted for Ursula and the project was considered as a fast track one.” Jessen Arnachellum-HR Manager 

Technology runs in our lives these days. Smart phones, tablets and computers form part of our daily lives and it seems that we really can’t function without them. When simple tasks have been digitalized already, it is injudicious that a key process such as Payroll  still remains a manual process. Managing the attendance and payroll of 600 employees manually can be arduous, which is why the Ursula Team was solicited.

Kuros had concise objectives on top of setting up a digital attendance and payroll system they also requested:

  • Digitalized leave management system
  • Face recognition
  • Automatic capture of employee’s job location based on where they clock in
  • Payroll figures split by job

It was crucial for the Ursula Team to be able to meet all the deadlines with this project, but also include the specific requirements that Kuros Construction Solutions had. With some digital elbow grease, the Ursula team embarked on this project. We loaded the employee master file of 600 employees. For the attendance part of the project, configuration was done in such a way that the shift could perform different computation of hours worked for different categories of employees. Work Patterns a.k.a. “Rosters” were pre-set for minimizing human intervention on attendance. For the payroll part of the project, past payroll data was imported for the proper calculation of PAYE and End of Year Bonus. The Ursula Team also offered to train the staff of Kuros Construction Solutions to use the Ursula attendance and payroll.

“I have to say that our dealings with their support team have always left us with the feeling that they take support seriously and with a sense of pride.”

 This was a big project, but we managed to deliver just in time to compute the payroll and credit the employees’ bank accounts. In July 2019, the Ursula print payslips were available for all the employees. After the payroll live, we then proceeded to load the leave balances and configure the leaves management for Kuros. We also implemented payroll split by the construction site to ensure proper Construction Site costing & reporting.

“It took us only 2 months to transit from a manual system to a fully automated and modern cloud system. In July 2019, our first Ursula payslip was printed! Thank you, Ursula Team, for your cooperation and looking forward to more years of association.”

It was rewarding for the team to be able to wrap up the project in such a short amount of time, considering that there was much to do and hearing that the customer is satisfied is what we take the most pride in. We enjoyed working on this project for Kuros and we look forward to collaborating with them again in the future.